Thursday, November 13, 2008

Auburn, Cousins, Sickness and 'Real Skin'...

*I have a lot to cram into this one post, so bear with me as I jump from one topic to another. *

Last weekend we were in Auburn (it’s so much fun, but man am I ready for football season to be over with) where Anna Kate enjoyed playing with her cousins Trey and Adam. They do play hard, but they play very nice ;c) They were excited to see each other and the boys did a great job wearing Anna Kate out - she slept great Saturday night.

Anna Kate and her crazy cousins :c)

On Friday night we had a little ‘ho-down’ in the RV park. It was supposed to be outside, but it was pouring down rain and cold, so it was quickly moved to the ‘shop’ (you’ll see what I mean in some of the pictures to follow.) Everyone brought a dish and we chowed down while the kids played and the live blue grass band provided background music (dad, you would have LOVED it!). It was so much fun!

Anna Kate is not thrilled having to share her daddy, but look at her sweet friend holding her little hand...awwww.
Anna Kate and her best AU bud. Jeff was making them giggle

It was a really great weekend and our Auburn Tigers rallied together and pulled out a win.

Anna Kate and another AU bud playing on the HUGE bouncy slide

Anna Kate has been sick this week. She went to school on Monday but I could tell she didn’t feel well. Poor baby. Tuesday was a holiday for both Anna Kate and I. We had a few projects to work on that morning and I had a photo shoot that afternoon. I drug her along with me and she just really was miserable. So yesterday was a day spent at the Dr’s office. She has an upper respiratory infection and moderate to severe eczema (not connected). She has some cough medicine and a new ointment for the eczema. She did go to school today, but she was puny :c( Her whole class is sick. There were more kids out sick than were at school. It’s getting to be that time of year. And………..of course, if AK is sick, so am I. I get everything she gets. My throat is scratchy and I have that clammy-feeling. Greaaaaat.

This weekend is another Auburn weekend – we play Georgia. It’s a BIG game and the fans typically pull out all the stops on. Tomorrow night is another ‘social’ on the plains (RV park). There will be several different live bands, lots of food and I hope LOTS of hot chocolate, ‘cause it’s going to be cold! Let’s just hope it doesn’t rain. Then the big game is Saturday morning (I HATE 11:30 kick-offs). I don’t expect to win, but I will most definitely do my part from row five!!!

Anna Kate has really been asking for a sibling. I suspect it’s because most of her friends have new baby brothers or sisters. She keeps asking for a baby with ‘real skin’ that she can help take care of. It just breaks my heart when I tell her mommy can’t have another baby. She just doesn’t understand :c( Jeff and I both try to play the ‘you-would-have-to-share-all-your-toys’ card, but she’s not buying it *sigh*. So if any of you out there have advice on how to best handle this, I would be your BFF!


Shella Magana,  November 19, 2008 at 1:02 PM  

The pic of Anna Kate sharing her daddy is too cute! Awww...poor little baby girl. She so did not like sharing She's so precious!