Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Exciting Weekend

So much went on this weekend I don't know where to start, but I will start with the best first.

My friend Spring and her daughter Avery came to visit us. They arrived Friday afternoon, which wasn't soon enough according to Anna Kate. Although they were tired everyone was in good spirits and the girls were more than ready to play. We ordered dinner in and just hung out for the night. After the girls took a bath together, they were fast asleep and dreaming of those Auburn Tigers (maybe Avery was dreaming of the Gators instead, but I don't think so...).

Saturday morning we all got up and got ready for our trip to Auburn for the weekend. I think the drive up was my favorite part of the entire weekend. I had the pleasure of being serenaded by Miss Avery. She sang 'Bleeding Love' with everything she had. That girl was SERIOUS about it!!!!! I wish I had it on video (Spring, you have to do that). Upon arrival we let the girls play, we rode around on the golf cart, ate lunch and then it was time to try and get them down for a nap. We figured it would be a little tough, but I think we spent more time getting them down than they actually slept. However, the nap was an absolute must since the game didn't start until 6:00....and we might the right decision. They did great at the game. Anna Kate usually does, but this was Avery's first college game ever. They cheered, danced, argued a bit and shot some serious facial expressions at each other *hilarious*! We decided to leave at the end of the third quarter so we could get a head start on the trek back, which was another good idea. When we finally made it back to the RV, the girls got their second wind and were WILD!!!!!! Suffice it to say they had a great time together :c)

But before I start the not-so-exciting part of the weekend, let me leave you with photos that will make you smile.

Playing dress up

The girls were dancing before leaving for Auburn

Golf Cart Buddies

This is probably one of my favorite pics of Anna Kate

Miss Priss posing

Aren't they cute snuggling together?

I think Avery is enjoying her first football game

My Diva who forgot her sunglasses at the RV and insisted on wearing mine

Look at those gorgeous eyes!!!!!

Cheering our Tigers to a shut out!!!

And Scott, I hate to tell you this, but I do think your daughter is an Auburn Tiger at heart :-D

I think this one speaks for itself - WAR EAGLE!


Avery's Dada,  September 2, 2008 at 1:51 PM  

Sorry Mrs. Lee, but Avery's a Gator. I will say that she likes War Eagles a whole bunch more than Volunteers.