Sunday, March 24, 2013

Color Me RAD!

I can't believe I did it, but I ran and completed my first 5K Saturday. Yes I did! A group of us from Eufaula, Team Chicks With Kicks to be exact, participated in the Color Me RAD 5K in Columbus, GA. I had to get up at 4AM and meet my friends at 5:00. Early!!!!! We all met at the race venue by 6:30 AM. We were prepared for temperatures in the 40's and 70% chance of thunderstorms. NOT the weather I wanted, but I was prepared nonetheless. What a pleasant and welcome surprise that we ended up in the high 50's and only rain the last 1/4 of the race. 

In case you aren't familiar with the Color Me RAD races, you can visit or just take my word that is the most fun you will ever have running a race. RAD chooses a charity for the registration fees to go to, in our case it was the Children's Miracle Network, which is fabulous! There were over 4,500 racers, so I'd say the Children's Miracle Network was very grateful for the donation!  You come dressed in white and at certain spots throughout the race, you get 'color bombed' (dyed corn starch). The object, aside from completing the race, is to get as much color as possible on you and your clothing. Then at the end, when all waves of the race have finished, they do a final color bombing. SO COOL!!!!!!

My gear ready the night before

Up & ready before daylight

Our team before the race

Lauran & I before the bombing started :)

The bombing has begun, now it's time to race

Our team at the finish line!!!! I finished in just over 38 minutes!!!

Lauran & I in the purple haze. Our teeth were even purple!!!

The beginning of the end....the final color bomb

I think I was successful in both challenges of the race; I finished it and I got as much color on me as possible :)

After we turned quite a few heads at the Golden Corral buffet, we headed home for a long shower! What a fun, fun day! It would be so cool to do the Color Glow Run in Atlanta in June. The race is at night and all the color on you glows in the dark :c)


Sunday, March 10, 2013

Willy T's Invitational Swim Meet

We hosted our home swim meet yesterday, which is A LOT of work for the parents, but it really went well. Coaches from the visiting teams were very complimentary of how smooth things went :)

EWR placed first in overall points, and AK beat her personal best time in the backstroke. She placed 2nd or third in every one of her six events, except for one, and that was 5th. GREAT JOB!!!!!

This was the ad we put in the Heat Sheet (lists the events for all swimmers....kind of like a program.)


Portrait Practice

I got a couple of new photography backdrops, and wanted to do a quick practice run with AK. I only tested one, but I can't wait to try the others.


Saturday, March 2, 2013

Blog - A - Day 2

Day 2: My Favorite Quote


Blog-A-Day 1

Day 1: Self-Portrait and Five Random Facts About Myself

Five Random Facts:
1: I am a complete computer nerd
2: I am a family ancestry research buff
3: I love music
4: I love Zumba
5: I have an addiction to any flavor Pop-Tart, except brown sugar & cinnamon


March Blog Challenge

Last month I did a daily photo challenge, and had so much fun with it. So this month I'm going to do another daily photo challenge, but I'm adding a daily blog challenge too. I'm sure my family is tickled pink with that :-)

So without further ado....