Sunday, October 11, 2009

Never-Ending Work in Progress

That's why I call Anna Kate's bedroom...she is growing up and has been wanting to put a desk in her bedroom so she can draw, color, read, etc. For weeks I have been trying to come up with a solution without buying or getting rid of any furniture. After two days.................(sorry, had to pause to scrub blue non-washable marker off of AK's lips. WHYYYY does she insist on coloring on herself?!?!)......I think I finally got it put together.

Ignore the brown's a get-me-by chair until we get a coordinating one. Also, the hanging lamp needs to be moved to the left some. We're going to put the white hutch in the guest bedroom after we convert it from the playroom (I'm thinking a muted beach/nautical theme for the GBR). Anyway, Anna Kate absolutely loves having a desk/art/study/reading area in her bedroom now :c)

After church today we ate lunch in the restaurant out a the newly renovated Lakepoint State Park.

The views are absolutely stunning! Actually, nearly 15 years ago we had our After Rehearsal Dinner in the dining room right inside from this view.

I hate that this one is out of focus, but she just would not be still.....

Have a good week everyone!